About Us

Bruce Rush, a brilliant rocket scientist, and Stephen Schein, a noted brain surgeon, walked away

from their professional careers to tackle a much more challenging pursuit.......

that's right, you know where this is going......to serve great food and potent libations in Boulder, Colorado.

Truth be told, we are not fond of these "About Us" web sections where

you get to be impressed with ego driven entrepreneurial tales of childhood dreams,

educational accomplishments, passions and desires to build the best, yada, yada, yada.

We think this section should be “About You".

How are we going to serve YOU?

Answer: In the best manner we possibly can..truly....genuinely..because without YOU,

we are out of business, kaput, we don't exist.

It's that simple.

So, we'd best make sure every sandwich, salad, and beverage we prepare is the best it can be.

Our belief is we are no better than the last sandwich we served YOU.

Lots of folks serving sandwiches in Boulder, so we better get it right.

Do we make mistakes?

Occasionally, stuff happens, BUT, we'll go out of our way to correct it ASAP,and ensure YOU are satisfied.

Our goal has always been to exceed YOUR expectations.

Please let us know how we can improve.

The good looking guy in the middle of the picture is Sean Ryan, the best damn general manager in Boulder.


OK, now just a smidgeon about us.

Half Fast Subs is finally of drinking age, as we were born on the Hill in April 1996, so please come wish us happy birthday.

We are deeply invested in the Boulder community, participating in many non profit and philanthropic

events and activities. If we can be of assistance in helping raise funds for your organization via gift certificates, food donations, or in store fundraisers, please call us. We'll try to help, but are unable to fulfill every request.

We are an entusiastic supporter of CU athletics, the C-Unit, and sponsor the SUPA DUPA TUBA CHEER at CU men's

and women's basketball games at the Coors Event Cente.

The only way to snag one our T Shirts is during that cheer, so please get out there and support the teams.


We are proud of our business, so please forgive us a bit of boastfulness.

In 2017 Half Fast Subs served over 100,00 customers.... and that is not a misprint.

Plase click on a few of the videos below to sense the energy at Half Fast Subs..... we're not your typical half-assed sub shop,

because in Boulder, WE are the Sub.........WAY !!!


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